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Do I have to join a Health Home?

No. No one is forced to join, but there are many good reasons to join a Health Home and get a Care Coordinator. Health Homes not only help you with your healthcare needs, but with your social service needs as well.

Does the program cost anything?

No. All Health Home care management services are free.

Do I need to apply?

There are no applications. You only need to sign a consent form that allows your health providers to share information with each other about your health. Your membership with Health Home Partners of Western New York begins as soon as this consent form is signed.

Will I be seeing a new doctor?

In most cases, you will see the same healthcare providers you see now.

Can I change my Health Home or leave the program?

Yes, at any time. You can change Health Homes or withdraw from the program by contacting the Health Home or talking to your Care Coordinator.

Who can help me?

Your Care Coordinator becomes your guide and confidant. This is a specially trained person who will help you get the medical, behavioral health, specialty care and social services you need.

I know someone who could possibly be eligible and is in need of a Care Coordinator, how do I refer them?

There are several ways. You can contact Health Home Partners of Western New York directly, or download this Care Coordination Referral Form, fill it out, and either:

Scan it and email it to:
Fax it to 716-832-1271

Mail it to: 
Health Home Partners of WNY, LLC 
1280 Main Street
P.O. Box 431 
Buffalo, NY 14209

Refer someone who is need of care.

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