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Our overall goal at Health Home Partners of Western New York is to create a happier, healthier you. We achieve this by assisting you with care coordination and advocating on your behalf with your providers. Your Care Coordinator links and refers you to doctors, dentists, specialists in orthopedics, cardiology, podiatry, gynecology or whatever your needs may be. Our Care Coordinators make sure that your doctors are communicating with one another, and most importantly, with you. As your advocate, they see to it that you receive the care you deserve, help you remember medications, follow treatment plans, schedule appointments and find suitable transportation to those appointments. They can even refer you to inpatient or outpatient mental health or substance use programs.

Your Care Coordinator is not limited to only these areas of assistance. Care Coordinators work with a wide range of issues and have knowledge and access to many social services. When enrolled in a Health Home you gain access to these social services, at no cost. And your Care Coordinator can walk you through all of the following services, step by step:


Care Coordinators can help you apply for DSS, SSA, HEAP, weatherization and air conditioning programs, prevent utility shutoffs and advocate for you with creditors.


Are you homeless or facing eviction? We can find you safe, affordable housing and help you apply for Section 8/HUD.


No matter what your education level is, Health Home Partners can help you get a GED or college degree. We can even help get access to financial aid and job training sessions.


Our relationships with local food pantries and nutritionists mean you don’t go hungry. We can refer you to such services and if you suffer from chronic diseases like diabetes, we work with your physicians on proper meal plans.

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